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Can you objectively measure hull and propeller performance? The new ISO 19030 standard explained

Many of the customers in the maritime industry are confused by the various promises from their suppliers regarding potential fuel savings. AkzoNobel is committed to deliver transparency and choice in hull coating selection and performance. AkzoNobel has played an influential role in the development of all parts of the new ISO 19030 standard which was […]

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Can drones transform the maritime industry?

Much has been made of re-supplying vessels at sea using “unmanned aerial systems (UAS)”, or: drones. The first tests demonstrated that various barriers still need to be overcome to make this a feasible option for the maritime industry. So, is this really the area where we should expect the deployment of drones in the short […]

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Predicting the future


A unique combination of big data, smart software and details of a ship’s trading pattern underpins new digital technology, developed by AkzoNobel Marine Coatings business, which enables ship managers to understand the effect of their trading routes on fouling challenge and to  invest in hull coating specifications tailored to fit a ship’s specific operating profile. […]

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20,000th application of Intershield 300

The 20,000th application of Intershield 300 is a significant milestone for AkzoNobel and its customers. Since its launch in 1988, we have not only seen continued trust and confidence in the performance of Intershield 300, but also a growing understanding of its commercial and operational benefits, through efficiency savings and life-cycle cost reduction. In November […]

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Taking 2GO further with AkzoNobel Antifouling coatings


Background As an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands with 2,000 that are inhabited, ships are the lifeblood of the Philippines. From ferries moving people to different cities to coastal cargo ships carrying traded goods, the ability to move across the seas ties this growing nation of more than 100 million people together. With a […]

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AkzoNobel’s lightweight coatings get “thumbs-up” from US Navy

Aircraft Carrier

Background Saving weight can be a priority on board commercial ships and naval vessels. The designers of cruise ships, ferries, offshore support vessels and tugs often face weight constraints, but for military vessels, weight minimisation is always an important objective. However, there has often been a compromise between lightweight coatings and cost. Now, two of […]

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Intersleek 1100SR sets new records

You could well imagine that top-of-the-range coatings would be a hard sell in shipping markets with surplus capacity, weak charter markets and dramatically cheaper fuel costs. Not so, for AkzoNobel’s biocide-free Intersleek 1100SR, part of the International® range of marine coatings, which has now been applied to the hulls of more than 900 vessels. Intersleek […]

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Duplex coating for long static and in-service conditions

Ship owners and shipyards can achieve comprehensive hull fouling protection with the recent launch of Interflex™ 8700 SPC antifouling, part of the International® range of marine coatings. Static Fouling conditions in Korean Newbuilding Yards Over the past 2-3 years, there has been a phenomenon of very high barnacle activity over the summer months in Korea […]

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High Performance and Low Emissions in One Package


Intersmooth®7460HS SPC and Intersmooth®7465HS SPC can mean fewer coats and reduced dry dock time. Intersmooth 7460HS SPC is designed for maintenance and repair along with Intersmooth 7465HS SPC designed for newbuilding situations. Launched in 2008 they are based on a copper acrylate Self Polishing Copolymer (SPC) technology. They are higher volume solids versions of the […]

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Global VOC legislation: An overview for the Marine market

In recent times there has been a shift in terms of developing VOC legislation. A decade ago, the most active areas were the EU and the US. However, in recent times, Korea and China have become much more active in this area. In the US, the VOC legislation affecting the Marine market has been relatively […]

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