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  • Tuesday November 28th, 2017 | Features

Ships that sail the seas foul to slime.  What do we know about this universal fouling problem? Firstly, we know that the marine industry is not alone in facing a slime challenge.  As fouling control coatings researchers at AkzoNobel, we are interested in the drag consequences of biofilms (slime) on ships.  Surgeons worry that biofilms […]

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Customer-focused Product Stewardship


At AkzoNobel we ensure that product safety and sustainability is considered in all areas of the value chain, from raw material extraction by our suppliers, manufacturing in our factories, application of our products and ultimately recycling at end-of-life.  We call this our Product Stewardship approach. We see Product Stewardship as a fundamental way of doing […]

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Intercept 8500 LPP a clear choice for cruise operators


There are few buoyant sectors in shipping at present, but cruise business is on a roll. There are now a record number of cruise ships on order with a total contract value of close to $50bn, and an existing fleet that is now larger than it has ever been. International Paint, an AkzoNobel brand, has […]

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Intercept 8500 LPP notches up exceptional in-service performance


Ships’ hulls coated with AkzoNobel’s premium biocide-based anti-fouling, Intercept 8500 LPP, are revealing excellent and, in some case, exceptional in-service results. Intercept 8500 LPP is exceeding all expectations. LPP stands for ‘linear polishing polymer’, and this latest addition to our product range, which we launched in March 2016, is doing just that. Its carefully formulated […]

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Newbuildings in Korea with Intersleek® coatings


Since the first newbuilding application of Intersleek coatings in Korea (2005), a total of 73 vessels have been successfully coated with Intersleek products in Korean Newbuilding shipyards, including Knutsen’s 2 LNG carriers which were coated with Intersleek 1100SR and delivered from Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in 2016.   Images courtesy of Hyundai Heavy Industries Newbuilding […]

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Zafer takes on new approach to maintain a clean hull with Intersleek 1100SR


With its calm waters and strategic location at the tip of the Malay peninsula, Singapore has thrived as a trading depot and port where ships can refit and take on fuel, known as bunkering. The locally-owned barges that move from vessel to vessel replenishing them with fuel are vital to the port’s function. However, those […]

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The outcome of MEPC71 explained – Good news for the environment?

It’s rare to see a blockbuster movie these days that doesn’t spend at least some of its time setting up a sequel, reassuring audiences that although the action is over for now, they won’t have to wait long for more. It’s a similar feeling watching the results of MEPC71 (the 71st Marine Environment Protection Committee) […]

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Marine coatings are critical for ice-class LNG carriers

Fifteen ice-class LNG carriers will soon test Arctic coatings under the most challenging conditions that ships of this type have ever faced. The ships, built at Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) in South Korea, are billed as the world’s largest icebreakers. Deployed on long-term charter to Yamal LNG, they will be among the first […]

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How digital solutions create real savings in the marine industry


At the prestigious Marine trade show Nor-Shipping in Oslo customers were looking this month for anything presented with one of two “D’s” in front of it: ‘Digital’ or ‘Disruptive’ and ideally both. AkzoNobel, with its leading brand International®, is an enthusiastic part of this trend. We launched our ‘Digital Voyage’ concept including four new digital […]

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Propeller performance and coatings


Propeller performance plays an important part in a vessel’s operation. The main causes of propeller deterioration are corrosion, impingement attack, cavitation erosion, and fouling. Corrosion is minimized by constructing propellers of corrosion resistant alloys such as Nikalium and Superston. Impingement attack usually occurs at the leading edge and outer part of the propeller blades. Cavitation […]

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